The Media’s Darkest Cover-Up: Burnt Pizza


Here is a video titled The Media’s Darkest Cover-Up: Burnt Pizza, part 1 which delves in some detail into Pizzagate.  Many of the assertions in the video are sourced from mainstream media sources.  This video brings out a number of important pieces of evidence showing that Pizzagate is not only real but much larger than what many people think.  Much of this evidence would be very hard to refute.  This video is highly recommended.  Also, for reference, below the video are written notes discussing many of the points covered in the video.  As discussed below (in the section covering counter #’s 3:13 to 3:42 of the video) a theme of this video is to show that while mainstream media purports to have debunked Pizzagate, in fact two of the primary mainstream media articles which purport to do this (one by Snopes and one by the New York Times) actually do not even cover the great majority of the Pizzagate researchers’ claims.


Some (but not all) of the points covered in the foregoing video are briefly discussed below (the pertinent counter numbers are provided so that one can easily find these points in the video):

About the mainstream media coverage of Pizzagate:

2:10 to 3:13: All the lead sentences of the mainstream media coverage of Pizzagate immediately declare that the story is fake or a crazy conspiracy theory and they don’t let the reader decide that issue for himself.  The degree to which they emphasize this is conspicuous and suspicious.  Several examples of this are shown.  (This is consistent with David Seamen’s comments in a short video of his titled Top Secret Christmas Message Re 2017 [at 1:42 to 3:27 of that video] where he points out that the mainstream media’s emphatic dismissal of Pizzagate is unusual.  [David Seamen has a mainstream media background.  He is now an independent online blogger with more than 10,000,000 views on youtube.  He is a former contributor to the Huffington Post and he worked for Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider.])  As the quotation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet goes, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” and that concept seems to apply here as well. (i.e., all these emphatic denials imply that the owners of the media know that the Pizzagate story is actually true.)

3:13 to 3:42:  Two mainstream articles are commonly cited to support the claim that Pizzagate is fake, one by Snopes titled A detailed conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate” holds that a pedophile ring is operating out of a Clinton-linked pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong (see 5:20 to 5:46) and one by the New York Times dated December 10, 2016 and titled Dissecting the #Pizzagate Conspiracy Theories (see 4:20 to 5:02).

(Note: on the same date as that of the above mentioned New York Times article, 12/10/17, the New York Times also published another article about Pizzagate, an op-ed piece by Alexandra Zapruder titled There Are No Child Sex Slaves at My Local Pizza ParlourThere Are No Child Sex Slaves at My Local Pizza Parlour.  That article attempts to discredit Pizzagate without discussing any of the Pizzagate researchers’ claims.  A refutation of that article can be found here.)

3:20 to 3:42: This video will focus on these two articles.  These articles and other voices from the mainstream media make it seem like these articles debunked all of the Pizzagate claims but in fact, these articles barely cover anything.  Throughout the video, there will be a green icon in the upper right corner of the screen to identify Pizzagate issues in the video that are covered by these articles and a red icon to identify issues that were not covered by those articles.  (As you watch the video you will see that for the vast majority of it there is a red icon in the upper right corner, signaling that the vast majority of the material covered in the video was not even mentioned by those two articles.)

3:42 to 4:17: The jobs of reporters who covered Pizzagate were threatened.  Ben Swann, who works as an anchor for the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia, was suspended for two weeks after he did a five minute segment covering Pizzagate.  CBS ended his “Reality Check” show and made him delete all his social media accounts.  (To see Ben Swann’s show which covered Pizzagate and to learn a little more about what happened to him click here.)

(All this is consistent with what David Seaman has experienced.  He is an online blogger with a substantial following [over 10,000,000 views on youtube] and former contributor to the Huffington Post and he worked for Entrepeneur Magazine and Business Insider and he has been very outspoken in exposing Pizzagate.  He explained [in a video titled TOP SECRET Merry Christmas Message Re: 2017 at 00:00 to 1:42] that he has never been so penalized as a journalist for being right about something [i.e., about Pizzagate being real]; his Wikipedia page was suddenly taken down; he was invited to host a livestream discussion relating to Pizzagate on his youtube channel but shortly before that his ability to livestream was shut down by youtube; also, as he explained in another video titled DAVID SEAMAN LAST VIDEO RE-UPLOADED 2017 02 24 Buzzfeed Attacks PIZZAGATE Journalist that he has been slandered and viciously attacked [through the media by journalists and hired trolls] for covering Pizzagate.)

The Laura Silsby child abduction scandal

8:53 to 9:30: Laura Silsby is the former director of the New Life Children’s Refuge, which purported to be a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to rescuing Dominican and Haitian orphans.  A Haitian police officer said that on 1/26/2010 he stopped Silsby from loading a bus with 40 Haitian children near the Dominican Republic Consulate in Haiti.  Three days later Silsby was arrested in Haiti for trafficking another 33 children out of that country without documentation.  (Source: CNN article by Karl Penhaul dated 2/9/2010 and titled Officer: US missionaries had tried to take other Haitian kids.  See counter # 9:04 of the video.)

9:31 to 10:54:  Wikileaks releases of emails reveal that Silsby was in steady contact with Hillary Clinton prior to her arrest.  At least one Wikileaks email shows that at the time of the arrest Hillary’s close assistant, Huma Abedin, updated Hillary about the matter.  (Note: the credibility of Wikileaks and the authenticity of the emails they released have not been seriously disputed.)  Hillary’s attorney and close confidant, Cheryl Mills, was actively aiding in crisis management and in putting out press releases on the topic.  Also, the Harvard Human Rights Journal (volume 25, pp. 7-8 [see counter # 9:59 to 10:14]) said that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “…was to put out a fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.”  On 2/7/2010 the Sunday Times (a British newspaper) reported that Bill Clinton had intervened and was able to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Laura Silsby.  Wikileaks emails show that on 2/9/2010 Hillary Clinton consulted with Cheryl Mills and other attorneys regarding the US government’s options relating to the arrested Americans.  So not only was Hillary in contact with Laura Silsby, but she (and he husband) also helped get her off charges of child trafficking and kidnapping.

10:55 to 11:56:  On 2/11/2010 the New York Times (in an article by Marc Lacey and Ian Urbina titled Advisor to Detained Americans in Haiti Is Investigated [see counter # 10:55]) reported that Silsby’s attorney, Jorge Puello, was “…suspected of leading a trafficking ring involving South American and Caribbean women and girls.”  But a 3/19/2010 Reuters article by Manuel Jimenez is more explicit and it reported that actually Puello was suspected of underage sex trafficking and was being held on child kidnapping charges.  (See the first line, along with subsequent lines, of the Reuters article at 11:06 to 11:11.)  An Associated Press article dated 2/6/2010 (counter # 11:16 to 11:24) reported that Puello hired a Haitian attorney named Edwin Coq who tried to bribe officials to let 9 of the 10 arrested Americans go free.  It turns out that Puello was never a real attorney and that he was a suspect in a child sex trafficking ring in El Salvador.  At the time of Puello’s arrest his wife had been arrested and was in prison, facing charges of presumed sexual exploitation of minors and women.  Those charges led to a conviction.

11: 57 to 12:14:  In the end what happened to Silsby and Puello?  Not much.  Silsby faced reduced charges of irregular travel and was found guilty and received no jail time.  (Source: CNN article dated 5/17/2010 titled U.S. missionary held in Haiti is free, lawyer says [counter # 12:03 to 12:08].)  Puello was found guilty of alien smuggling and received a three year prison sentence.

12:15 to 12:28:  In summary, the Clintons were communicating with and working to release from detention an alleged child trafficker (Laura Silsby) who reportedly kidnapped children (and/or attempted to do so) and had an attorney who was involved in what appears to be child sex trafficking.

(More about the Laura Silsby child abduction scandal and the Clintons’ involvement in it can be found in an article by William Craddick dated 1/27/2017 titled The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up which was published by  The article includes links to sources for many of the factual claims made above and in this section of the video [which discussed the Laura Silsby scandal].)

About James Alefantis and his connections to Hillary Clinton and John and Tony Podesta

12:50 to 13:39: GQ Magazine strangely lists James Alefantis, the owner of the infamous Comet Ping Pong pizza shop in Washington, D.C., as the 49th most powerful person in that city.  (Click here to see that.)  James Alefantis is close to John Podesta (the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign), and his brother, Tony Podesta.  According to the June, 2015 issue of Washington Life Magazine, Tony Podesta regularly opens his house to casual pizza parties co-hosted by his friend, James Alefantis.  The Washington Life Magazine article also states that Alefantis has held many fund raisers for Hillary Clinton, including one for her 2008 campaign that was organized by John and Tony Podesta.  (Also, although this video does not mention it, White House records show that James Alefantis was allowed into the White House to see Barak Obama on five occasions.  [Click here to see a link with White House records showing this.]  Why was that?)

Connections between James Alefantis and the Laura Silsby child abduction scandal

14:04 to 14:28: An attorney who represented James Alefantis, Max Maccoby, sits on the Board of Directors for an orphanage in Haiti called Friends of the Orphans.  (A webpage from Max Maccoby’s lawfirm’s website which confirms this is shown in the video.)

14:32 to 14:58: Gretta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed Jorge Puello, Laura Silsby’s fake attorney, on about 2/1/2010.  Ms. Van Susteren asked Puello where they found the 33 children (that Laura Silsby attempted to kidnap).  Puello said that they got them from an orphanage called Friends of the Orphans of Haiti. (A transcript of a portion of the interview is shown in the video.  You can also view the entire transcript here.)  So Alefantis’s attorney, Max Maccoby, is directly connected to the Laura Silsby child trafficking scandal.

15:33 to 16:02:  Max Maccoby’s father, Michael Maccoby, coaches leaders at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, homes for abandoned children in Central America and Haiti.  According to a webpage from the Friends of the Orphans website, that organization is the fundraising organization for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos International.  So Michael Maccoby (James Alefantis’s attorney’s father) is also connected to the Laura Silsby child trafficking scandal.

Pizzagate emails

18:36 to 24:01:  Several of the Pizzagate emails are discussed.  One of them (discussed at 21:08 to 22:59) is from Hillary Clinton’s ex chief of staff, Tamara Luzzatto, to John Podesta and it is dated October 8, 2015 and it reads, in part, as follows: “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility.  Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9 and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they’ll be in that pool for sure.”  That wording seems conspicuous.  Why give the kids’ ages like that?  What kind of “entertainment” are the kids going to provide?  The discussion in the video relating to this email goes on to show some other very suspicious statements that Tamara Luzzatto posted online (which seem to imply that she is involved with pedophilia) (see 21:55 to 22:39).

Pedophile symbols

24:15 to 24:30: The FBI released a document identifying symbols used by pedophiles to identify their proclivities.  The document is shown in the video.

25:07 to 25:16: A New York Times article dated 8/21/2006 by Kurt Eichenwald and titled On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach also confirmed that pedophiles use these symbols.

25:17 to 25:54: Besta Pizza, a pizza shop which is located two doors away from the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop (which is owned by James Alefantis), had a logo which was very similar to a “boy lover” logo which the FBI document and the 8/21/2006 New York Times article confirmed were used by pedophiles.  Soon after the Pizzagate scandal broke Besta Pizza changed their logo so that the “boy lover” image was removed.

25:54 to 26:09: The Terasol Bistro which is right across the street from Comet Ping Pong used a logo very similar to the “little girl lover” logo.  Soon after the Pizzagate scandal broke they changed their logo to eliminate the “little girl lover” image.  (The implication here is that this section of Washington, D.C. is a nest of businesses associated with pedophilia.)

27:29 to 27:39:  If we saw the use of this logo (the “boy lover” logo) only once relating to the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop then we might be able say it was just a coincidence.  But the issue here is that we see that pedophile logo (and other pedophile logos and references) repeatedly.

27:41 to 28:02:  A band that plays (or played) at the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop is called Sex Stains.  In one of their music videos you can clearly see the “boy lover” logo.  (For reference, you can find an official music video for Sex Stains’s song Land of La LA here.  In that video you can see the “boy lover” logo at the following counter numbers:  0:07, 0:23, 0:27, 0:42, 1:04 and 2: 07.  A poster advertising this band’s performance at Comet Ping Pong can be found here.)

28:02 to 28:11:  An inverted version of the “little boy lover” logo appears in a band art poster that was uploaded to the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop Facebook page on 6/1/2016.

28:33 to 29:07: An email between John and Tony Podesta shows that they both attended a poetry reading by someone named Rachel Rose.  On Rachel Rose’s youtube channel there are two videos which have an introduction with a close up of a man wearing a ring with the “little boy lover” logo.  The FBI document which revealed these pedophile logos (discussed above) states that “[t]hese symbols have been etched into rings and formed into pendants…”

John and Tony Podesta’s connections to the occult

29:30 to 29:56: Confirmed child sex trafficking rings in the past have been involved in occult practices.  Members in pedophilic societies gravitate towards occult belief systems, such as Satanism, due to their suspension of morality.  They don’t want to feel like their attraction to children is wrong, which is what the rest of society would tell them.  They want to feel free of remorse.

32:45 to 36:02:  Both John and Tony Podesta seem to have a strong connection to the occult.  Wikileaks emails show that they were invited to a “spirit cooking” dinner with Marina Abramovic.  Marina Abramovic is a performance artist and has work that is clearly inspired by the occult.  In her performances Marina uses pig’s blood as a medium.  She writes on walls in pigs blood statements like the following:

  • “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm. Drink on earthquake nights.”
  • “Fresh morning urine. Sprinkle over nightmare dreams.”
  • “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.”

36:03 to 36:13:  John Podesta has a painting in his office depicting cannibalism.  The painting is shown in the video.

36:15 to 36:36: Marina Abramovic also depicts cannibalism in her art, and with disturbing realism.  We see photos of a scene in which there is a naked woman who appears to be dead and laying in a box of blood.  Marina and others can be seen with spoons taking the blood off the “dead” woman’s chest and eating it.  (Apparently the woman laying in the blood is a model, a woman who agreed to be part of this “art” performance.)   We also see part of another performance by Marina Abramovic in which she presents a very realistic model of a dead, naked woman and then shirtless men come and cut up the body.  The insides of the “body” are red and look like flesh.

36:38 to 37:54:  Tony Podesta has disturbing art pieces in his collection, including but not limited to: a painting which shows a naked woman with her stomach cut open and all her organs showing and some body parts lying next to the rest of the body; and a painting of lifeless looking children laying in pond grass.  (Tony Podesta also owns a sculpture of a life sized, headless body arched in a contorted position similar to one that Jeffrey Dahmer put at least one of his dead victims in.  While many Pizzagate articles have discussed this sculpture, this video does not do so.  However, you can nonetheless see a small image of it at 37:10 to 37:13.)

John and Tony Podesta’s connection to child molester Dennis Hastert

37:55 to 39:01:  John and Tony Podesta have a close relationship with Dennis Hastert.  Hastert was the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (from 1999 to 2007).  In 2015 Dennis Hastert pled guilty to federal criminal charges of structuring financial transactions to conceal payments to a man who Hastert had sexually abused many years earlier when he worked as a high school wrestling coach.  (The payments were made to keep him quiet about the abuse he suffered.)  A Wikileaks email shows that the Podestas have known Hastert for 50 years.  In 2016 Hastert admitted to having regularly molested boys (but he could not be prosecuted at that point due to the fact that the statute of limitations had run out).  (Source: A New York Times article by Monica Davey, Julia Bosman and Mitch Smith dated 4/27/2016 and titled Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months, and Apologizes for Sex Abuse.)

Additional connections between James Alefantis and pedophilia

39:34 to 40:08:  Another of many points that the 12/10/2016 New York Times article and the Snopes article about Pizzagate (both discussed above) failed to mention is the fact that James Alefantis’s instagram profile picture is an image of a bust of Antinous, the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian.  Antinous is a deified Greek figure, whose sculptures, according to historian Royston Lambert, in his book titled Beloved and God: The Story of Hadrian and Antinous, are the “[m]ost elevated and ideal monuments to pederastic (meaning pedophilic) love of the whole ancient world.”  So Alefantis’s instagram profile image is of deified figure who represents a celebration of pedophilia.

40:08 to 41:09:  Alefantis’s instagram posts include strange and dubious pictures, including but not limited to: a little girl taped to a table, a German baby which is being sold for $1,200, and a man affectionately holding a very little boy in his arms.  Alefantis commented on that last picture by writing “#chickenlovers.”  “Chickenlover” is code for a homosexual man who is attracted to little boys.