Fiona Barnett


Here is a woman, Fiona Barnett, of Australia.  She was a child victim of a satanic pedophile group.  She also witnessed child murders, torture, rape and numerous instances of horrible satanic ritual abuse by this group.

Fiona has a website,

In the following video, titled Candy Girl, she tells her extraordinary story:

Some (not all) of the points covered in the foregoing video include the following (counter numbers are provided so that the reader easily can find the topics discussed below in the video):

00:31 to 05:06:  Fiona Barnett spoke out at a press conference in Australia on 10/23/15 in which she stated, among other things, the following:  She said that throughout her childhood she had been the victim of an elite pedophile ring which involved high ranking politicians, police and the judiciary.  She also said that (when she got older) she had repeatedly reported her abuse to multiple health care professionals and not one of them adhered to mandatory reporting requirements.  She made reports (including providing names and places and other details sufficient to enable action by the government) with numerous police and other government agencies (but they did nothing).  She said her experiences of abuse as a child were horrific beyond words.  She witnessed child abduction, torture, rape and murder.  She said that Australia was a pedophile haven.  She also named some of the young victims of this pedophile ring whom she knew and who had been murdered.

7:14 to 7:51:  Fiona Barnett says she was born into a coven, a crime syndicate community which involved drugs, guns and sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking.  She said it is like being born into the mafia.  You are not permitted to leave the group.

7:51 to 10:40:  Fiona explains that her grandmother, Helena, was responsible for Fiona being brought into this satanic cult.  Fiona’s mother, Dawn Mitchell, is also interviewed and she explains (at 9:56 to 10:40) that when she was pregnant with Fiona her mother (Helena) insisted that the baby would be hers (Helena’s) and that Dawn would work and could see the child on weekends but that during the week the child would be raised by Helena and her husband Peter.  (A picture of this couple can be seen at 6:25 to 6:34.)  So this is what happened.  Fiona was raised mostly by Helena and Peter, who greatly abused her.  (Fiona was directed not to talk about her abuse and so Fiona’s mother, Dawn, did not learn about it until much later.)

17:55 to 24:32: She tells of what she says is probably her worst memory.  When she was eight years old she was brought to a grave in a forest by six to eight adults.  The grave was open (or opened) and there was a partially decomposed body in there.  She was lowered with straps into the grave and laid face up on top of the partially decomposed body.  The adults were chanting and dressed in robes.  She was naked.  They put the lid on the grave and so it then became completely dark.  Fiona was completely terrified and she was screaming her head off.  She then used up all the oxygen in the grave, passed out, and had a near death experience in which she remembers going through a tunnel with a light at the end of it.  (She says she actually died.)  She woke up in a hospital and a nurse said that they had nearly lost her (i.e., they had been barely able to save her life).

33:31 to 36:36:  Fiona Barnett describes a child murder that she witnessed when she was six years old.  She was riding in the back of a car.  The car stopped and picked up a 12 year old girl.  Although this girl had gotten into the car willingly, she was then held against her will.  A group of men in robes later hung that girl to death.  Many of these men were priests.  One of the men had sex with the dead body while the other men stood around and masturbated.  Fiona witnessed this.

36:37 to 37:26: While the men were sodomizing the body of the 12 year old girl another man, named Steven, raped Fiona (she was six years old at the time).  According to Fiona, he later (when Fiona was about 14) paid for this with his life – he was “bashed” to death – because only certain people were supposed to be able to sexually abuse Fiona.  This was an “unsanctioned” rape of her.

37:27 to 38:15:  Fiona is not just speaking up for herself.  She is speaking on behalf of many other victims, those who are dead and cannot speak and others who may be unable to speak out for other reasons.  She says she is very aware of this.

39:46 to 40:46:  Fiona talks of children that were kept in one or more cages five levels underground under the Holsworthy Army Base.  She was made to bond with them.  She was put in a cage with them.  She was only six years old but she was sitting there teaching them about what was outside and the children were very interested.  Those children told Fiona that they used to get visited by the “light man.”  Fiona seemed to think that this was Jesus.  She said that this memory of these kids in a cage is the worst memory of all.

41:04 to 42:05:  Regina Coeli Catholic Church, Beverly Hills, Australia.   Fiona says she witnessed numerous instances of satanic ritual abuse and many murders there on the altar in that church.

46:29 to 47:12: When she was nine years old Fiona was brought to the Caltex Oil Refinery in Kurnell, Australia with a group of about ten children.  They were placed in front of one of the factory furnace ovens.  One by one the children were thrown into the oven.  She was led to believe that she would also be thrown in but that was just to traumatize her.  She unsuccessfully tried to stop them from burning one of the kids who was her friend who she had grown up with.  She was later roughed up because of that.  These kids had been bred in secret solely for sexual and other forms of exploitation by this satanic cult group.

49:38 to 52:13:  Fiona was brought to Kurnell Beach in Australia (in about 1977) by her main tormentor (or one of them), Leonas Petrauskas (a.k.a. “Dr. Mark”).  She was forced to dig up the body of a dead, five year old blond boy there.  There was a very prominent pedophile politician there (apparently this was Paul Keating, a former prime minister of Australia [see notes on the drawing of Fiona’s that is shown here in the video]) who liked to have sex with dead bodies and he had sex with this dead boy in front of her.  Part of the idea was to traumatize her.  This is part of trauma based mind control.  The victim must be re-traumatized repeatedly to keep the mind control going.  Dr. Mark had been brought there by the politician so that the former could cover up the crime of the killing of the boy (at least in part by issuing false documents relating to the death).

52:14 to 53:25: The following incident occurred in about 1983, when Fiona was 14 years old.  A nurse who worked with Leonas Petrauskas was used as a honey trap to abduct a surfer guy.  She promised him sex.  He was then burned alive as a sacrifice to Moloch (on Kurnell Beach, apparently).  Fiona witnessed this.  She said they like to burn people alive.

55:18 to 1:04:48: Fiona describes an absolutely horrific scene which occurred in the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Center (in Australia) on an estimated date of October 6, 1985.  Many dignitaries, councilmen, priests and cops were present, as well as the mayor.  The place was packed.  There was a stage.  She was taken on stage and raped by Bruce Spence (a “crap actor,” according to Fiona) on an altar in front of everyone as part of the ritual.  She identified the following people as being among those on stage at this ritual:  Bruce Spence; Richie Benaud, an Australian sporting legend who was at one time captain of the Australian cricket team; John Avery, the New South Wales Police Commissioner; and Kim Beazley Senior (a member of the Australian House of Representatives for 32 years).  She then describes how they dragged a heavily pregnant woman onto the stage.  She was kicking and screaming desperately.  Four men, including Bruce Spence and John Avery, held her down.  They then did their satanic ritual prayers and then murdered her, cutting her open with a knife.  They then took out and chopped up the baby.  They collected the blood in a chalice and then they all drank it.  In the next part of the ritual they brought out a bunch of kids who were all about 8-9 years old and who had all been previously hypnotized.  They were lined up on the stage, facing the audience and just staring blankly out at the audience.  Bruce Spence then took a samurai sword and chopped each of their heads off, one by one.  The whole point of bringing out the pregnant woman who was kicking and screaming and killing her is to have her pump as much adrenaline into her body as possible because they were/are addicted to adrenaline and they wanted to drink it with the blood.  Fiona said that these people are sexually aroused by this type of thing.  Then they had a big orgy.  (Note: these things – the sexual arousal and drinking of the blood of terrified victims which is filled with adrenaline – are similar to what David Shurter speaks about in his interview.)  At the end Kim Beasley, Senior grabbed one of the kid’s decapitated heads and came to Fiona and shoved it in her face and told her to eat from it.  So she was forced to take a bite out of the face and eat it.  She said the whole scene “…was the most vile, vile thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”

1:05:48 to 1:07:45:  Fiona said that the Great Hall at Sydney University (Australia) is where she witnessed the heinous human sacrifice and the most difficult to process and to talk about in therapy.  She witnessed the flaying of a blond boy who was about 5 years old.  Antony Kidman (the father of actress Nicole Kidman) and four other men were dressed in multi-colored robes.  Fiona was nine years old at the time.  They crucified the boy (literally) and flayed his skin, pulling it off and pulling it back and they pinned it outwards while he was still alive.  (She provides a rough sketch of this which can be seen at this point in the video.)  Fiona ran up to the stage to try to stop what they were doing but Bruce Spence, one of the men present, put his boot on her neck and stopped her.  They all laughed at her screaming and carrying on.  They then strung him up over the stage of the Great Hall.  Actress Nicole Kidman was present and watching.

1:09:58 to 1:12:48:  In St. Mary’s Church in Sydney, Australia a friend and mentor of Fiona’s named Veronica was ritually sacrificed in front of all the dignitaries, apparently because she had tried to leave this cult.  The place was packed.  Fiona got so distraught that she collapsed.

1:13:57 to 1:18:55:  Antony Kidman’s previous home in Longueville, Australia.  Estimated date: 10/27/1983.  Fiona was 14 at the time.  She was brought to this house.  There was a post production party for John Bell’s play, apparently titled King Lear.  The house was full of actors, producers, directors, theater people, etc.  Bruce Spence was there.  After most of the people had left she was “assaulted” by Antony Kidman and John Bell.  She watched them engage in homosexual sex.  She was then thrown into the pool naked.  Antony Kidman held her arms in a painful way; he locked her elbows together behind her back.  John Bell was acting like an idiot, doing some kind of monkey dance and he had a mask on his face.  He was also naked.  He was chanting something, something like a poem or a rhyme.  Every now and then while he was doing this he would stomp on Fiona’s head, holding her under water.  (He must have been walking on the ground near the edge of the pool and she must have been being held in the water by Antony Kidman near the edge of the pool.)  She nearly drowned.  She would come up coughing, sputtering, crying and vomiting water.  This happened over and over.  The next thing she remembers is waking up the next day naked and tied to a chair in a basement.  Antony Kidman was smacking her over the head hard and he was screaming at her, “Do you remember now?!”  Meanwhile his daughter, Nicole Kidman (the actress), was leaning against a wall with her arms crossed and sneering at Fiona in contempt.  Ms. Kidman washed and dried her clothes.  She was dressed and then sent home (to her main abuser, “Dr. Mark”).