David Shurter


David Shurter was raised in a satanic pedophile family in the U.S.  He was subjected to sexual and other kinds of abuse and he was forced to kill many children.  He has a website, www.davidshurter.com.  Here is an interview he recorded on 9/28/16 in which he talks about his story and these satanic pedophile cults:

A few of the points David Shurter discusses in the foregoing interview are discussed below (the pertinent counter numbers are provided for reference so one can find the points in the audio file):

4:20 to 7:00:  He said that he was born into a satanic cult, his family was into it.  He was subjected to MKULTRA programming until the age of 10 but then an incident happened which screwed up his programming.  When he was that age a man came to his house looking for his daughter who had disappeared.  She had been a playmate of David’s.  David’s parents drugged the man and dragged him down into the basement and David was forced to set him on fire and kill him.  But this was not part of his programming and it caused him to have a psychotic break and it screwed up his MKULTRA programming.

21:23 to 22:22: Later on in David’s life he rebelled against this cult and wrote a book exposing it.  There was a guy named Charlie who had a book shop in a town where David Shurter lived and he was getting ready to sell David’s book.  One night Charlie’s dog wanted to go outside at 3:00 A.M. so he took the dog outside.  A nice looking, large man was waiting for him.  He said “You don’t need to be selling David Shurter’s book.”  Charlie asked “Why?”  The man said: “This is not your fight.”  The man also said: “You have a nice wife and a really pretty house.  It would be terrible if they all perished in a fire.”  (These quotes are not exact.)  This scared Charlie so badly and he told David that he could not sell his book.

26:30 to 27:25: He said that by the age of 10 he had killed many children in satanic rituals.  He had been forced to do so.

37:20 to 39:02:  He said that U.S. Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia was one of his primary abusers (i.e., David was trafficked out to Antonin Scalia who sexually abused him when he was a boy).

40:04 to 40:45:  David said that some people, apparently skeptics reacting to things he says, say that one should be able to deal with the threats that whistle blowers (such as David and others) get.  David said that you have to understand that when they threaten you, it is generally not you that they threaten.  It is the people you love that they’re threatening.  So, for example, you have people who go to the church and tell the church that their children are being molested (by priests, he apparently meant) and then nothing more happens.  One reason for this is that a lot of times what ends up happening is that these people will be told: “You don’t want anything to happen to your child, do you?”  “Well, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything.”  And it works.  When you have kids and you don’t want them hurt, it is amazing how quickly you will become silent.

58:39 to 1:00:15:  We have been told that we should fear (or our kids should fear) creepy guys who hang out in parks or near schools, in terms of kids getting kidnapped.  But he said that most likely the first abductor your kids will meet are other kids.  Kids are used to lure other kids into abduction.

1:00:30 to 1:00:55:  Child Protection Services (“CPS”) admitted that they had “lost” tens of thousands of kids.  The implication is that many these kids that CPS “lost” ended up in satanic ritual abuse cults.

1:00:55 to 1:02:25:  He says that if you want to keep your kids safe stop posting pictures of them on Facebook.  This (and other online forums) is where many of the predators are looking for the kids.  He also said that if your kids get taken you will get no help from the police, nor from lawyers, nor from politicians.  He also indicated that CPS is involved in kidnapping kids for these cults.

1:05:08 to 1:06:20:  David talks about blood sacrifice.  Children are tortured so that their brains are pumping many endorphins into their blood.  The cult members then kill the child and drain the blood and they all drink it because the endorphins act as an aphrodisiac.  They then have sex.  Right after every blood sacrifice that he attended he was gang raped.