Becki Percy


Becki Percy was raised in England.  Both of her parents sexually, physically and emotionally abused her.   Her father started raping her when she was four years old.  When she was nine years old she was trafficked to groups of men who would rape her.  She was also required to participate in a rape “sport” in which she would be sent into a dark forest at night and men would come out of the darkness and rape her.  After each rape the man would take one of her pieces of clothing.  Eventually, after being raped repeatedly, she would end up completely naked.  She also said that there were dead children hanging from the trees as this was happening.  She said that she knew that if she tried to fight them they would kill her.  At the age of 18 (in 2015) she managed to escape to the US where she now lives with a caring and supportive family.  In the following video she tells her story:


In this next video she makes a defiant statement directed towards her mother, Ann (who is still living in the UK):


Becki’s youtube channel is here.