Alisa and Gabriel

Here are two young children, a brother and sister, Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva, from Hampstead, England.  They explain that they were repeatedly sexually abused and forced to participate in satanic rituals, which included killing babies, dancing around with their skulls, and then cooking and eating them.  Their own father was involved, as well as many others, including the headmistress of their school, parents of other students, police officers, and employees at Cafcass (the British version of what is called Child Protective Services in the U.S.A.).  The children eventually decided to start speaking out about all this.  Their mother, Ella Gareeva, who had not been involved in these rituals, found out about it and then fled the country with the two children.  However, the powers that be subsequently unlawfully took the children away from her through a kangaroo court proceeding.  Two short videos of the two kids speaking about what they had been through were put on the internet and went viral, reportedly being viewed at least four million times.  Two videos of the children speaking out are included here.  Also included below is a video of Ella Gareeva speaking about the ordeal.


Here is a statement from the mother of these children. Ella Gareeva:


Some (not all) of the points covered by Ella Gareeva in the foregoing video of her are summarized below:

Ella explains, in the foregoing video, how the authorities unlawfully took away her children from her without justification on 9/11/2014.  She talks about a kangaroo court proceeding.  All of her parental rights were removed.  She has had no contact with her children for several years.  The judge wrongly suppressed important evidence supporting Ella’s position.

Also, Ella describes birth marks and other identifying marks on or near the genitalia of some of the adult abusers of her children.   Her children had described these marks to her and they should have had no way to know about them unless their abusers – such as Ms. Kate Forskyde, the headmistress of their school – had been naked with them.  Ella also explicitly names many of the abusers of her children.  She also names other children who are still being sadistically abused.  She states that despite lots of evidence of the abuse of her children and others, the authorities have refused to investigate or act on the matter.  She states that for the second time the Independent Police Complaint Commission (apparently in the UK) has ordered the police to investigate the case, but the latter has refused to do so.

9:07 to 9:45:  She talks of how she was forced to flee England to save her life.  On one occasion in February of 2015 ten policemen came to her door and threatened to force entry.  Luckily, she was able to escape and was not taken into custody.  9:45 to 10:13:  In a court order dated August, 2015, the father of the children, Ricky Dearman, who had been accused of torture, cannibalism and serial murder, was supposed to receive full custody of Alisa and Gabriel within 6-12 months of that order.

12:08 to 12:35:  She appeals to the public to take action to oppose the abuse that Alisa and Gabriel, and also many other children, are suffering from (with these satanic pedophile rings).  She also asks the public to support her campaign to free Alisa and Gabriel.

Ella Gareeva has set up two websites relating to Gabriel and Alisa: and  (Note: these two websites do not seem to be working at this time.  This author is worried that something might have happened to Ella Gareeva.  Did the powers that be kidnap or kill her?)