Testimony of victims of pedophile rings

Here are some statements of victims of pedophile rings:


Two children from Hampsted, England:

Here are two young children, a brother and sister, from England who were repeatedly sexually abused and forced to participate in satanic rituals, including killing babies, dancing around with their skulls, and then cooking and eating them.  Their own father was involved.  The children explain that many, many people were involved.  At a certain point the two kids decided to start speaking out about all this and then mother, who was from Eastern Europe and who had not been involved in these rituals, found out about it.  She was given help to quickly get out of the country with the two children.  Here are two videos of the two kids speaking about what they had been through:

Here is a statement from the mother of these two children. Ella Draper, apparently read by someone else.  They have taken away her children from her.


Here is a girl victim, Teresa, from England who was raped many, many times by a pedophile ring.  She was also forced to have sex with animals.  She was also forced to watch animal and human sacrifices.  She was also forced to eat her own aborted babies.  Here she is interviewed by British mainstream TV:

Parts 1 and 2 (combined):

Part 3:


Anneke Lucas: 

Here is a woman, Anneke Lucas, who at the age of six years old was sold by her parents in Belgium into a group that engaged in pedophilia.  She was raped many, many times.  Then, at the age of 11, she was strapped to a butcher’s block to be killed.  But one of the group members cared about her and rescued her and helped her get out of the country.  Here is her story:


Fiona Barnett:

Here is a woman, Fiona Barnett, of Australia.  She was a child victim of a satanic pedophile group.  She also witnessed child murders by this group.

Here in the following video she went public and gave an interview to various news media:


In the following video Fiona Barnett describes a horrific scene in which a pregnant woman and several children were all murdered.  She was also forced to eat part of one of the dead children.  She names at least one prominent Australian politician who was involved in this particular scene: