Testimony of victims of satanic pedophile rings

Here are some testimonies of victims of satanic pedophile rings, located in various countries around the world.  It does not appear that any of these individuals were victims of the pedophile ring centered around the Comet Pizza shop in Washington, D.C.  They are probably mostly or all victims of other pedophile rings (most or all of which are satanic pedophile rings).  But their testimonies show how prevalent satanic pedophile rings are in the world.  Also, several of these victims (such as Fiona Barnett and David Shurter) state – based on their own observations – that wealthy and powerful people were/are involved in these pedophile rings.  These points support (or makes more plausible) the idea that there is a pedophile ring involving very prominent people in Washington, D.C. (i.e., Pizzagate).  Here are the victims’ statements (click on the name of the victim to go to the corresponding web page with the corresponding video[s]):

ANNEKE LUCAS:  At the age of six Anneke Lucas was sold by her parents in Belgium into a pedophile group.  She was raped many, many times.  At the age of 11 she was strapped to a butcher’s block and was going to be killed by one member of the group.  But another member rescued her and helped her to escape from the pedophile ring.  She tells her story in the included video.

Anneke’s Facebook page is here.   Also, she has a website about bringing yoga to prisoners.

BECKI PERCYBecki Percy was raised in England.  Both of her parents sexually, physically and emotionally abused her.   Her father started raping her when she was four years old.  When she was nine years old she was trafficked to groups of men who would rape her.  She was also required to participate in a rape “sport” in which she would be sent into a dark forest at night and men would come out of the darkness and rape her.  After each rape the man would take one of her pieces of clothing.  Eventually, after being raped repeatedly, she would end up completely naked.  She also said that there were dead children hanging from the trees as this was happening.  She said that she knew that if she tried to fight them they would kill her.  At the age of 18 (in 2015) she managed to escape to the US where she now lives with a caring and supportive family.  In the included videos she tells her story.

Becki’s youtube channel is here.

ALISA AND GABRIELHere are two young children, a brother and sister, Gabriel and Alisa Gareeva, from Hampstead, England.  They explain that they were repeatedly sexually abused and forced to participate in satanic rituals, which included killing babies, dancing around with their skulls, and then cooking and eating them.  Their own father was involved.  The children eventually decided to start speaking out about all this.  Their mother, Ella Gareeva, who had not been involved in these rituals, found out about it and then fled the country with the two children.  However, the powers that be subsequently unlawfully took the children away from her through a kangaroo court proceeding.  Two short videos of the two kids speaking about what they had been through were put on the internet and they went viral, reportedly being viewed at least four million times.  Two videos of the children speaking about what they went through are included here.  Also included is a video of Ella Gareeva speaking about the ordeal.

The included web page about Alisa and Gabriel provides some notes about the points covered in the video of Ella Gareeva.

Ella Gareeva has set up two websites relating to Gabriel and Alisa:  www.freethehampstead2.com and www.hampsteadcoverup.com.   However, both websites are not working at the time of this writing.  (Why are Ella’s websites gone?  Has something bad happened to her?)

THERESAHere is a girl victim, Teresa, from England who was raped many, many times by a pedophile ring.  She was also forced to have sex with animals.  She was also forced to watch animal and human sacrifices.  She was also forced to eat her own aborted babies.  In the video on the included web page she is interviewed on Australian mainstream TV.

FIONA BARNETTFiona Barnett was a child victim of a satanic pedophile group in Australia.  She witnessed child murders, torture, rape and numerous instances of horrible satanic ritual abuse by this group.  Her voice is one of the most, if not the most, outspoken voice(s) trying to inform the world about these satanic pedophile cults.  In the included full length video (120 minutes), titled Candy Girl, she tells her extraordinary story.

The included web page about Fiona Barnett provides brief summaries of some of the extraordinary points covered in the video.

She has a website, www.pedophilesdownunder.com.

DAVID SHURTERDavid Shurter was raised in a satanic pedophile family in the U.S.  He was subjected to sexual and other kinds of abuse and he was forced to kill many children.  He was gang raped many times.  He states that former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was one of his abusers.  The included video is an interview he recorded on 9/28/16 in which he talks about his story and satanic pedophile cults generally.

The included web page about David Shurter provides brief summaries of some of the extraordinary points covered in the video.

He has a website, www.davidshurter.com.