David Seaman’s videos about Pizzagate

David Seaman is an online blogger with a substantial following (over 10,000,000 views on youtube).  He has a background in the mainstream media.  He is a former contributor to the Huffington Post, he worked for Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine.  He is also outspoken in his efforts to expose Pizzagate.  Here are three of his videos:


In the foregoing video David Seaman states the following:

00:16 to 1:18:  He says that the evidence supporting Pizzagate involves emails provided by Wikileaks.  He further says as background that in 10 years Wikileaks has not published a single false or hoax email and that it is a credible primary source for information.  John Podesta himself has not disputed that these emails are his.  Many of the emails have been cryptographically verified as coming from his gmail account.  So these really are his emails.  That part is not in question.  The only question is: what is it that John Podesta is talking about in the emails?

1:19 to end:  In the rest of this short video David Seaman goes through a few of the significant, suspicious emails which support the Pizzagate claims.

2:50 to end:  In one of these emails, sent by Tony Podesta to his brother John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman), Tony Podesta wrote “Still in torture chamber.”   David Seaman then points out that Tony Podesta has a profane taste in art.  Among other very morbid pieces of art, Tony Podesta has in his home a life sized sculpture of a headless man in the same disturbing arched position that Jeffrey Dahmer liked to put (at least one of) his victims  in when he was done with them.  Also, John Podesta has a painting depicting cannibalism in his office.


DAVID SEAMAN LAST VIDEO RE-UPLOADED 2017 02 24 Buzzfeed Attacks PIZZAGATE Journalist:

In the foregoing video David Seaman talks about how he has been viciously attacked through the media by other journalists and by trolls for covering Pizzagate.  He also reiterates his mainstream media background at 3:41 to 3:56 (he was a contributor to the Huffington Post, and he worked for Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider).


TOP SECRET Merry Christmas Message Re: 2017:

In the foregoing video David Seaman explains (at 00:00 to 1:42) that he has never been so penalized as a journalist for being right about something; his Wikipedia page was suddenly taken down; he had been invited to host a livestream discussion relating to Pizzagate on his youtube channel but shortly before that his ability to livestream was shut down by youtube; (also as he discusses in other videos, he has been viciously attacked [through the media] for his coverage of Pizzagate).  He also speaks (at 1:43 to 3:30) about how the brazen denial and coverup of Pizzagate by the mainstream media is very conspicuous and unusual and it implies that this scandal goes very high up.