Ben Swann’s Pizzagate report

Ben Swann works for CBS News and he had a show called Reality Check.  On 1/17/17 he published a report which investigated Pizzagate, titled “Is ‘Pizzagate’ Fake News?”  It provided a reasonable treatment of the issue (considering that it was on the mainstream media).  Here it is:


Note that at about 4:00 through about 4:15 Ben Swann says that James Alefantis (the owner of the Comet Pizza pizza shop) posted pictures on his Instagram account that could not be shown because they would be too disturbing to show on TV for some people.  However, you can see some of those pictures by clicking here.  Note that on Mr. Alefantis’s Instagram page there are many pictures of little children; there are pictures of little coffins, sized for children (this is consistent with what we would expect from a Satanic pedophile network); there are pictures of Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother) with James Alefantis, and some very sexual pictures.

Ben Swann’s report ends with him pointing out that despite all the suspicious issues here there has been absolutely no investigation of this matter.  He asks, “Why?”

One might ask why there aren’t more mainstream media reports that raise red flags about Pizzagate as Ben Swann’s does, if there really are suspicious issues there.  The answer can be seen by taking notice of what happened to him after he aired his report.  He disappeared (he was taken off the air or suspended), apparently for about two weeks, without explanation and when he came back, while the network did not fire him, all his social media accounts were deactivated and he was not permitted to continue to be involved in the show Reality Check.  (It appears that the show was cancelled after that.)  You can read about these things here.