What is Pizzagate?  Pizzagate is a satanic pedophile ring involving high level US politicians and others, including John Podesta, the Hillary Clinton Campaign’s chief of staff.  During the 2016 presidential election Wikileaks released some emails implicating John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta in this pedophile ring and involving a Washington, D.C. pizza joint called Comet Pizza.  Subsequently, numerous online researchers have discovered and exposed lots of evidence showing that this pedophile ring is real.  The Jewish owned mainstream media, however, is against the interests of humanity and has ignored the matter.

Victims’ testimonies:  Do you think that it is impossible that there could be such a pedophile ring?  Actually there are many satanic pedophile rings around the world.  Click here to listen to extraordinary testimony of victims of various such pedophile rings.

Ben Swann’s report on Pizzagate:  Unfortunately, in our society many or most of us have become so dumbed down and unable to think for ourselves that regardless of what the evidence indicates, if the mainstream media does not tell us something is true many of us will not believe it.  Thus, since the mainstream media, which is ALL owned and/or controlled by anti-Christian Jews, is silent on this issue (and/or dismisses it as “fake news”) many people will not believe that Pizzagate is real.  Fortunately, however, we do have one mainstream media report which goes a long way towards confirming that Pizzagate is real: CBS’s Ben Swann’s Pizzagate report.  Click here to watch it.