What is Pizzagate?  Pizzagate is a satanic pedophile ring involving prominent people and others, including John Podesta, the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign’s chief of staff.  During the 2016 presidential election Wikileaks released some emails implicating John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta, in this pedophile ring and involving a Washington, D.C. pizza joint called Comet Pizza.  Subsequently, numerous online researchers have discovered and exposed lots of evidence showing the existence of, and details about, this pedophile ring.  The mainstream media, however, is opposed to the interests of humanity and has insisted that this story is “fake news.”  (The scandal is called “Pizzagate” as a play on the term “Watergate” which identified a scandal involving former President Nixon and because the Wikileaks emails reveal that John Podesta and others used coded messages which frequently referenced “pizza” and other code words to discuss pedophilia.)

Victims’ testimonies:  Do you think that it is impossible that there could be such a satanic pedophile ring, or that people close to Hillary Clinton could be involved in such a group?  Actually there are many satanic pedophile rings around the world.  Click here to listen to extraordinary testimony of victims of such pedophile rings from around the world.  A number of these victims tell of how very prominent people were involved in these groups as abusers.  The prevalence of these satanic pedophile rings undermines the claims of skeptics that Pizzagate could not possibly be real and true.

Ben Swann’s report on Pizzagate:  Unfortunately, in our society many or most of us have become so dumbed down and unable to think for ourselves that regardless of what the evidence indicates, if the mainstream media does not tell us something is true we will not believe it (especially if it does not fit in with “conventional wisdom”).  Thus, since the mainstream media is silent on this issue (and/or dismisses it as “fake news”) many people will not believe that Pizzagate is real.  Fortunately, however, we do have one mainstream media TV report on the issue which does show that there are some significant questions relating to Pizzagate.  Ben Swann of CBS’s Atlanta affiliate had a TV show called Reality Check and he prepared an episode of that show titled “Is ‘Pizzagate’ Fake News?.”  After this show aired Ben Swann was suddenly off the air for about two weeks and he had his show (Reality Check) cancelled and he was forced to delete all his social media accounts.  Click here to watch his show and learn more about this.

A Few Simple Questions about Pizzagate:  Andrew Anglin’s 12/9/17 article titled #Pizzagate: A Few Simple Questions presents some important points, such as some of the Podesta emails which are very suspicious and conspicuous, and important questions.  This article is recommended reading.  Click here to go to it.

David Seaman’s videos:  David Seaman is an online blogger and former mainstream media journalist.  He has been very outspoken in exposing Pizzagate.  He may be the only journalist with (former) mainstream media credentials that has been speaking out on this issue on an ongoing basis.  He has a good five minute video titled Pizzagate Core Evidence: In 5 Minutes! which discusses several of the more significant emails relating to Pizzagate.  Click here to view that video and other videos of his.

An interview of elite banker Ronald Bernard.  This is a very interesting and revealing interview.  When Ronald Bernard got into banking he was told he would need to put his conscience in a deep freezer.  (This is elite banking, not like what the teller in a local bank does.)  He was very good at what he did and he was leading teams of people in various projects.  But he saw and was asked to do unethical things in that line of work and it started to bother him.  Eventually, and he was asked to participate in the sacrifice of children.  He refused to do this.  At this point he could not take it anymore and he started to be unable to function properly in this environment (of elite banking).  Eventually his body completely broke down and he was hospitalized.   He then got out of banking.  He said he was in training to be a psychopath and he failed.  This interview is highly recommended viewing.   Click here to watch it.

A video titled The Media’s Darkest Cover-Up: Burnt Pizza, Part 1.  This is an excellent and detailed video which includes quite a bit of powerful evidence showing that Pizzagate is real.  This video includes a theme of showing that two mainstream articles about Pizzagate (one by Snopes [titled A detailed conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate” holds that a pedophile ring is operating out of a Clinton-linked pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong ] and one by the New York Times [dated December 10, 2016 and titled Dissecting the #Pizzagate Conspiracy Theories]) which (according to the video) are frequently cited to show that Pizzagate is false, actually do not even address the great majority of the Pizzagate researchers’ claims.   Click here to watch this video and read about some of its contents.



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