Wooden Heart by Elvis Presley – a very cute performance

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The Netherlands has repatriated much of its gold from the Federal Reserve Bank and other European nations are considering doing so.

The Netherlands has repatriated much of its gold from the Federal Reserve Bank and the French and Swiss are talking about doing the same.  Click here for an article about this.

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The real reason why we should avoid wheat in our diet (revised on 12/31/14)

Roundup is an extremely toxic herbicide which has been banned by a number of countries.  (A herbicide is a product which is used to kill weeds or other plants.)   US farmers are using it on wheat just before they harvest it in order to cause it to sprout better just before it dies from the toxicity of that herbicide (as a last gasp effort to blossom).  The Roundup then gets into the wheat and we eat that highly toxic material.  See an article about this here.

A second article points out that Roundup is used (for different reasons) on corn and soy as well as wheat.  This article also explains that there is a high degree of correlation between the increasing number of autistic children in the US and the increased use of Roundup on food crops in the US.  This second article is here.

Both of these articles cite the research of Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, who has studied this issue extensively.

(An advertisement for Roundup can be found here.  Roundup is produced by Monsanto, the giant food production corporation which is known for genetically modifying so many of our foods.)

Thus, a point we can take away from these articles is that we should avoid eating wheat, corn and soy products (especially those made in the US, where the use of Roundup is particularly prevalent).

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Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson gives his side of the story in an interview

Click here for an article about this including a video of an interview with the officer.

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White German family denied asylum in the US while millions of non-whites are allowed to live here illegally.

This white family home schools its children.  Home schooling is illegal in Germany and if this family goes back to Germany and does that they will lose their children, according to the article.  Millions of non-whites are allowed to stay here illegally and given drivers licenses and citizenship.  Click here for story.

People need to realize that one of our government’s primary purposes is to insidiously wage war against whites and traditional white Christian society.  Only a mongrelized, genetic mishmash of a people with no moral underpinnings and no nuclear families is acceptable.  Why?  Because such a society is weak and poses no threat to the powers that be.  A white, principled and ethical society could wake up and throw off the shackles of the powers that be.   No other type of society really threatens them.  So whites must be destroyed and our government, controlled by the powers that be from behind the scenes, is working full time to accomplish this.

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Proof that TV news is scripted.

This video is a must see for those who have blind faith in the mainstream media.  The video shows how completely controlled the mainstream media is:

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The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II jet fighter is an abolute turkey.

Aircraft designer Pierre Sprey, an influential defense analyst who was reportedly instrumental in the development of the F-16 and the A-10 aircraft, explains that the F-35 Lightning II is a useless turkey which which was supposed to be able to perform a variety of different functions but in reality it is not good for anything.  It is not good for air to air combat (not maneuverable enough), for close support of ground troops (it cannot fly slowly, it is not maneuverable enough and it cannot stay around for more than about one or one and a half hours to support troops when four to six hours is what is needed for such a role), and it is no good as a bomber (it has a large internal fan to facilitate vertical take off and landing which leaves little room for bombs inside; the bombs cannot be loaded outside the plane and/or under the wings because it is a stealth jet and the shapes of such externally loaded bombs would ruin the stealth quality).  Finally the interviewer asks Mr. Sprey what the purpose of the plane was, if it cannot adequately perform all these functions.  He explains that the purpose is simply to bring money to Lockheed Martin.

Folks, this is supposed to be the cream of our military prowess.  The corruption in this country has spread so far that nothing is working right.  If the US goes into war with these jets against any kind of a capable adversary (such as Russia) the US military will get defeated.

Here is the video:

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