The elections in the USA are completely rigged.  It doesn’t really matter who Americans vote for because the powers that be effectively count the votes in secret (through their vote counting equipment supply companies) and can “fix” the vote counts to assure that only the candidates that they approve of will “win.”  Even though many states use paper ballots, which might seem to assure a fair vote counting process, the paper ballots are counted by machines with computer programs that can easily be rigged.  About 96% of the votes in the USA are counted by machines supplied by only three main vendors, E S & S (Election Systems and Software), Hart Civic, and Dominion.  These companies use their own software programs to count the votes and neither people from the public nor state nor local officials are allowed to examine the source code of those programs.  This leaves these companies free to use software code which enables them to easily rig elections.

Relying on recounts of paper ballots to address discrepancies is not an adequate solution because after a recount is demanded and prior to the time of the actual recount crooks working for the powers that be can go in and alter the ballots (so that they match up with the “official” tallies); the official seals on the stacks of used ballots which supposedly protect against such tampering, this author has heard, can be removed and replaced without the public knowing about it.

One thing that a candidate can do to provide a little protection against this fraud is to have exit polling people at every voting station in a given state.  That way if the exit polling data is significantly different from the “official” vote counts the candidate can try to raise a stink.

Another very important thing that candidates must do is to expose this outrageous situation (of election fraud) so that the American public becomes aware of it and demands the only sure solution to this problem, which is that every voting station in the country must use paper ballots that are counted by hand in public.

More information on these topics is included below:

  • Computer programmer Clinton Curtis was hired to write code to rig the elections in Florida.  When he realized the purpose of what he was doing he refused to continue.  He testified about his experiences and this issue (apparently) before the Ohio State Legislature:


  • The following is an excerpt from the video Hacking Democracy which shows how easily election results can be altered with software designed to control the vote numbers:


  • Jim Condit, Jr. is a patriot and political activist who has been writing about election fraud in the USA for many years.  He recently published an informative, open letter to Donald Trump warning about the dangers of this issue.  That letter can be found at: OpenLetterToDonaldTrump.com.