The 911 terror attacks were not done by 19 Arab hijackers with box cutters.   That is a lie and it is propaganda.  The attacks were done by the Israelis with the help of a network of Zionist Jews living in the US.   It is what is called a “false flag operation.”  You attack one entity and blame it on another in order to get the one entity (the US) to fight against the other entity (or entities) (the Arabs [Iraq and Iran] and Afghanistan).   The real story of what happened on 911 and who did it has been expertly revealed in a book called Solving 911: the Deception that Changed the World, by Christopher Bollyn, an independent investigative reporter.

Here are three schematic diagrams showing a network of Jews who helped instigate the 9/11 terror attacks (these diagrams illustrate some of the contents of chapter 7 of Christopher Bollyn’s Book:  Diagram 1 (Ptech – subverting the US government’s computer systems); Diagram 2 (the funding network); Diagram 3 (WTC security)

Dr. Alan Sabrosky is a very credible military figure and he is also part Jewish.  He was for 5 ½ years the Director of Studies at the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College.  He states that it is 100% certain that Israel did 911.  Listen to an extraordinary interview with him by clicking here (48 minutes).  (Note: while this is an excellent interview of Dr. Sabrosky, the interviewer, Mark Glenn, may not be trustworthy, as he has made verbally attacked Christopher Bollyn without justification in the past.)

Retired Army Major General Albert Stubblebine is another very credible military figure.  He was previously responsible for all of the US Army’s strategic intelligence forces around the world.  He had responsibility for the US Army signals intelligence, photo intelligence, counter intelligence and human intelligence.  He oversaw all of that.  In a video interview he explains that he has extensive experience in analyzing photographs.  He then states that he has analyzed the photographs of the damage incurred by the Pentagon on 911 and that he is certain that whatever hit the Pentagon was NOT an airplane.  He also states that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed because they were wired for demolition and not due to the airplanes which crashed into them.  Here is a 5 minute video interview of General Stubblebine:

Dr. Neils Harrit is one of nine scientists who collaborated to produce a scientific report which definitively concludes that Nano-thermite, an extremely powerful and very sophisticated explosive, was present in dust samples from the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.   The report was peer reviewed and published in a scientific magazine, The Open Chemical Physics Journal (Volume 2, 2009)The report can be accessed by clicking here. This extraordinary and irrefutable evidence shows that the official story about 9/11 is a pack of lies.  Here is a 10 minute video interview of Dr. Harrit on Danish TV:

Also, here is a short (10 minute) video by Prothink which shows that Israel did 911:

Did you know that many 911 witnesses whose stories contradict the official story have been dying in “accidents” and “suicides” (i.e., they are being murdered one by one)?   Here is a 9 minute video about this:

Mike Delaney (prothink.org) has produced a powerful, full length video (two hours) titled Missing Links which provides lots and lots of evidence showing that Israel did 911.  (Click here to watch.)

Here is a 13 minute video based on an interview with Mark Dankof which shows that Isreal did 9/11:

Here is a 5 minute funny video showing how ludicrous the official story of 9/11 is: