The real reason why we should avoid wheat in our diet (revised on 12/31/14)

Roundup is an extremely toxic herbicide which has been banned by a number of countries.  (A herbicide is a product which is used to kill weeds or other plants.)   US farmers are using it on wheat just before they harvest it in order to cause it to sprout better just before it dies from the toxicity of that herbicide (as a last gasp effort to blossom).  The Roundup then gets into the wheat and we eat that highly toxic material.  See an article about this here.

A second article points out that Roundup is used (for different reasons) on corn and soy as well as wheat.  This article also explains that there is a high degree of correlation between the increasing number of autistic children in the US and the increased use of Roundup on food crops in the US.  This second article is here.

Both of these articles cite the research of Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, who has studied this issue extensively.

(An advertisement for Roundup can be found here.  Roundup is produced by Monsanto, the giant food production corporation which is known for genetically modifying so many of our foods.)

Thus, a point we can take away from these articles is that we should avoid eating wheat, corn and soy products (especially those made in the US, where the use of Roundup is particularly prevalent).

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