White German family denied asylum in the US while millions of non-whites are allowed to live here illegally.

This white family home schools its children.  Home schooling is illegal in Germany and if this family goes back to Germany and does that they will lose their children, according to the article.  Millions of non-whites are allowed to stay here illegally and given drivers licenses and citizenship.  Click here for story.

People need to realize that one of our government’s primary purposes is to insidiously wage war against whites and traditional white Christian society.  Only a mongrelized, genetic mishmash of a people with no moral underpinnings and no nuclear families is acceptable.  Why?  Because such a society is weak and poses no threat to the powers that be.  A white, principled and ethical society could wake up and throw off the shackles of the powers that be.   No other type of society really threatens them.  So whites must be destroyed and our government, controlled by the powers that be from behind the scenes, is working full time to accomplish this.


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