The BRICS countries are forming an anti-dollar alliance:

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are forming an anti-dollar alliance.  They are developing systems to bypass the dollar, apparently very quickly.  One of the motivating factors is to end the US’s ability to keep bullying other countries around.  I don’t blame them for doing this.  If they proceed and succeed with this it should spell drastic adverse changes for the US economy.  Click here for story.

Americans, I believe, will be made to pay for basically sleeping on the job.  We have become mentally lazy and given control of our minds over to the sick and twisted, non-stop-professional-liars in the mainstream media.  Many Americans cannot see or hear anything that contradicts the mainstream media or government sponsored view of things.  They often think anyone who contradicts the mainstream media is a “conspiracy theorist” or a “racist” or a “homophobe” or some other derogatory term (and then usually no meaningful discussion can proceed after the use of such loaded terms).   We have lost the ability to think for ourselves.  Despite all the talk in the US about “tolerance” and “equality” and “equal opportunity” we are utterly divided against ourselves and at least partly because of this we cannot fight back against the tyrants in our government at all.  The price of this (I think) will be loss of our nation (the country will be broken up), civil war, chaos, abject poverty, totalitarian government, confusion, destruction of white culture, hunger, loss of civil rights and the humiliation of military defeat.  I also argue that because we are sleeping on the job we will subjected to the very “terrorist” attacks that we claim to be sacrificing our constitution to try to avoid.  If reasoning cannot wake us up then pain, destruction and suffering will be used to do so.



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