A Conversation About Race

This is an excellent video about the issue of race and “racism.”  It is called A Conversation About Race and it was created by Craig Bodeker.  (It is about one hour long.)  It shows that this issue is not what it seems.  The US needs to come to grips with and understand the issue of “racism” or it will be used to destroy us. Click here to watch the video.

One of countless ways in which this issue – our understanding of and beliefs about “racism” – is used to harm us is that it makes whites feel guilty to stick up for themselves, so that they are afraid to oppose issues such as the vast flood of non-white immigrants pouring into the country, which will soon make whites a minority in their own land and lead to ethnic based violence and division as well as further dilution of our culture.  Another way in which the issue harms us is that it protects non-president Obama, the black puppet who ostensibly passed Obamacare over the objections of most Americans and whose administration plans to send 30,000 drones over the US population.  Part of why he gets away with these things (assuming for the sake of argument that he is really doing them, although he is actually just a figurehead) is that many Americans are afraid to strongly criticize him for fear of being called a “racist.”   We need to understand this issue, racism, and see how we are being misled by the powers that be about this.

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