Proof of manipulation of the Iowa Caucus results

Affidavit by Edward True, who was helping count the votes in an Iowa precinct for the Iowa caucus, stating that he witnessed vote count results which are different from what the GOP organization posted online and used to determine Romney as the winner.   The discrepancy witnessed by Edward True was enough to change the winner from Santorum to Romney.   Click here.

I, the author of this website, believe that the powers that be want Romney to be president partly because they are very pleased with him because, after pretending to be a “conservative,” he passed the socialist Massachusetts Health Care Bill, which requires most Massachusetts citizens to purchase health care.  This program was then copied at the national level.  The powers that be want that federal health care program, in my opinion, because (1) they stand to make untold billions of dollars, (2) the federal health care program helps make Americans into wards of the state, since it will tend to make us dependent upon them for our health needs, and (3) they want to use our sick and demented “modern medicine” system to insidiously poison us all.

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