21 TRILLION DOLLARS in unsupported adjustments has been found for the budgets of two sections of the federal government

This research was done by two credible people, Dr. Mark Skidmore, who has a PhD. in economics, and Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  This analysis goes from 1998 through 2015.  The two sections of Government that were examined are the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  $21 Trillion dollars in unsupported adjustments?  What?  These are two very credible people and this is what they found.

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Sister Charlotte tells her extraordinary story of extreme abuse as a nun in a cloistered convent

The abuse Sister Charlotte went through as a nun in a Roman Catholic cloistered convent is just incredible.  She joined the convent to be a nun at the age of 13 (in about 1902).  She later formally became a nun at the age of 16.  She was planning to eventually leave the convent but the mother superior convinced her to undertake a “higher” level of ordination in which she would join a cloistered convent, which was located underground and cut off from society.  Sister Charlotte was required to make three vows (apparently) as part of the ordination ceremony: for chastity, poverty and obedience.  She was required to sign them literally in her own blood.  Right after that she was told to go to the bridal chamber and have sex with a priest who was there.  She refused and was therefore severely punished.  She was put in a dungeon for three days without food or water.  Later she was beaten with whips with metal pieces at the end of the ropes which cut her skin.  She was dripping blood right to the floor.  She was given no medical care at all afterwards.  She also incurred other punishments.  She was strung up by her thumbs (so that only the tips of her toes could touch the floor) and left hanging there for nine days.  There were other horrific aspects of life there.  The nuns were given starvation level food rations.  Groups of 10-15 nuns were brought in, told to strip off all their clothes, and then a priest came in and selected which one he would have sex with.  She and other nuns were also subjected to a Chinese water torture (in which one is strapped firmly in place so one cannot move one’s head and then a continuous drip of water is set so that it hits the same spot on one’s head for a long time).  She was subjected to this for many hours and it was extremely unpleasant, unbearable.  Some of the nuns could not take this and went insane.  She later discovered that when the nuns went insane they were brought down to cells located another floor deeper underground and were given no food nor water until they died.  Many of the nuns there got pregnant because the priests were having sex with them.  The babies were taken from them a few hours after birth and the mother superior killed them by putting her fingers in the baby’s nostrils and then the babies were thrown into a lime pit.

Sister Charlotte was treated so horribly that over time she developed extreme anger towards the mother superior and she began planning how to murder her (and a priest).  She eventually got her chance to do so.  The mother superior got very sick and sister Charlotte was required to care for her.  She intentionally gave her too much medicine and the mother superior began to get much worse and apparently would have died.  But then sister Charlotte got scared because she realized she would get severely punished if the mother superior died while in her care.  So she got a stomach pump and pumped the woman’s stomach and helped her recover.  But while the mother superior was still sick sister Charlotte took her keys and went down to a lower level and that is when she found out about the nuns who went insane and were locked up down there and starved to death.

Sister Charlotte eventually escaped from the convent – after being trapped there for 22 years – and got back to her family and began telling her story publicly.  There are many more extraordinary details in her testimony.

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Election fraud is a huge problem in the USA

Click here for more info at the “election fraud” page of this website.

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Iran joins a growing list of countries which have ditched the US Dollar in its foreign trade.

Click here to read an article discussing how Iran has joined a number of other countries which no longer use the US dollar for their foreign trade.  For a long time the US dollar has been used as a reserve currency to facilitate international trade.  But this is changing rather quickly.

The handwriting is on the wall, folks.  The US Dollar at one point in the not distant future will worth very little.  It will happen gradually or suddenly or both (one or more big crashes plus gradual decreases in value).  I predict that the US economy will become horrific and it will make the great depression look mild.  All these Americans who are trusting that the powers that be will fix things for them are 100% WRONG.  The powers that be are seeking to destroy us.

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British police are investigating FIVE pedophile rings involving British politicians

Click here for the story.

My understanding is that these kinds of things – politicians engaging in pedophilia, as well as other perversions – are encouraged by the powers that be (who control our governments from behind the scenes) because after the politicians engage in such illegal and/or perverted behavior they can then be controlled and manipulated because the powers that be can threaten to expose the politicians if they don’t do what they are told to do.

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Evil bitch gets her just desserts after trying to trap man into a marriage with a child

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Brother Nathaniel explains that the problems with our financial system stem from the question of who gets to create our money, not from the question of whether or not it should be backed by gold.

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